Séjours scolarité longue durée


Témoignage :

Séjour scolarité de 3 mois en Nouvelle-Zélande !

Trip in New Zealand for three months

First time in New Zealand and first time in a country in Oceania. I left Paris 9 July and I arrived in Auckland 11 July to stay 2 and a half months in Auckland, more exactly in Te Atatu Peninsula. I discovered my host family for this trip: the Sander’s family! Ryan, 13, my host brother, Erin, 11, my host sister and Jackie my host mother.

I left France, my family and my friends to live three months like a kiwi!

Rutherford College/ Friends

First day in New Zealand’s school and first time with a uniform… it was so weird and I didn’t like to wear that but actually now it's normal to wear one and to see everybody with the same clothes. I met Kiwi friends and already had French friends. Also the school was different: they finish earlier than in France and for me the size of the school.  During the first week I got lost many times! Finally with help I found my class and  school became the routine.

Rutherford College en Nouvelle-Zélande  Etudiants français lors d'un séjour scolarité en Nouvelle-Zélande

Auckland City

As well as school, my family and friends took me to visit sights of Auckland. Always with a beautiful view. I have discovered the city and famous places in Auckland, like the Sky Tower, Mount Eden, Mission Bay, Eden Park and different malls like St Lukes and Henderson. 

Forêt où le film Hobbit a été tourné

Trip - we are always moving

I continued travelling with my family, visiting  Piha, near Auckland. Piha is really famous because it’s where there are the bigger waves for surfing and also for its black sand.

Forêt près de Auckland en Nouvelle Zélande  Forêt en Nouvelle-Zélande près de Auckland

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